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Farmer Protest becoming violent in everywhere.

Pankaj Singh October 5, 2021


You know that, farmer protest running since long time in India, and it’s becoming too controversial due to violence and statements of farmer leaders. Recently found that a clash happened at Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh between of farmer protestors and BJP Karyakartas.  There are killed near about 8 peoples and injured many from both side, like that opposition and farmers leaders put all faults on UP government, which is ruling by BJP.

This matter is under of investigation, so we cannot say any things on this, but we found some negatives points on farmer protests. Here we describe point.

  1. In every farmer protests violence are happenings, even on Ghazipur border, Laal Kila Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and recently Utter Pradesh etc. In every incident point’s goes to blame on government by farmer’s leaders and oppositions.
  2. All opposition leaders roasting the matter on every farmer protest and violence, even they are trying to visit there for political gain.
  3. You can find turban peoples (Sikh) with weapons in every farmer protest, doesn’t matter its happening where!!, you can find them even in Lakhimpur incidents in pictures and video clips, even if farmer protest run at south India you can find them there too.  Khalistani involvement in farmer protest is the main issue, and such things raising the doubt more. And its shows, same crowd roaming in every states in name of protest.
  4. Why farmer’s leaders and Oppositions always cries on blood of protesters, never say single words on other sides deaths!!? These life is not important!!??.
  5. In every place of protest, residents are getting problem from protesters, lots of time they tried to raise their voice, but every time farmer’s leaders said it’s the agenda of BJP for make weak the protest. Only protestors are have rights, other citizens don’t have??
  6. Even Supreme Court said, farmers Bill are in the court, then protest for what!!??
  7. If all farmers wants to cancel the Bill, then why all farmers of India are not involve in protests, why its only run in northern western states of India!!??

Such points are creating doubts on Farmer protests, this protest really run by Indian farmers or are the base on any outside propaganda.  Government need to think, and need take a strong action. Because it’s may become threat of National security.

Image Source : facebook.com


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