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क्या कांग्रेस का हाथ आतंकवाद के साथ ?


चुनाव का माहौल है और सभी दल अपने अपने तरीको से मतदाताओं को लुभाने में लगे हुए है। कोई जातिवाद से लुभा रहा है तो कोई धर्मवाद से, कोई लुभावने वादे कर रहा है तो कोई एक दूसरे को गालियां दे रहा है,.............

Under Freedom of speech can we spread hates in India?


Few days before Amnesty India share a 2.13 minutes video of actor Naseeruddin Shah on Twitter, where he talking about walls of hatred erected in name of religion. He said lots of words against of country, even in speech he supported to Urban Naxals. He talking about that country which is given him allots like fame, respect, money, love..............

धर्मनिरपेक्षता की ताली एक हाथ से बजेगी?


हमने कितने बार देखा है की हिन्दू समाज हमेसा से ही धर्मनिरपेछता सिद्ध करता आया है, कहीं बाढ़ पीड़ितों को मंदिर में नमाज के लिए जगह देकर, तो कहीं मंदिर के देवी देवताओ के मूर्ति...........

Story Behind The Pictures - III


A picture can speak thousands of words, but need to understand and find out, example you just watching a beautiful picture and commented "Picture is a very beautiful",..........

Story Behind The Pictures - II


Every picture have a hidden story, but a camera can catch a moment of view, before and after of picture become hidden, here I going to share story of few stunning picture. I hope you read my previous..........

Intellectuals Against of Hindu


You intellectuals shout on "Bali", in name of Animal Cruelty, We thought its really bad so we honestly almost stopped.

May be in Qurbani Bakra getting enjoy, whatever that other's religion occasion and tradition so we respect that, they have to think, non of our business..........

Story Behind The Pictures - I


Every picture’s have a moment, that’s moments timing just in micro second, but picture speaks thousands of words, some story before of pictures and some after of pictures, here I sharing some story of unique photos, hope you should like..........

Historical Mistakes That Course Of History In Massive Ways


We learn lots of things from History, and also learn our mistakes from that history. But who knows some small and silly mistakes that course of history in massive way. here I shared some small mistakes in history.........

Cardiac Arrest And Heart Attack Are Not The Same And Need To Be Treated Differently


Both disorders arise from problems with the heart but each with distinct risk factors, treatment options and outcomes. A Heart Attack is a “circulation” problem and Sudden Cardiac Arrest ........

When a Good E-Commerce Site Tied up With Worst Courier Service


E-Commerce site, where we are buying product according to our wish easily in home just by a computer, after some days we getting product at door step through a courier........

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