Checkout 138 stupid mistakes in Dhoom-3 just in 8 minuts

06 November, 2014

This year Dhoom - 3 got big hit, that’s collected near about 500 cores rupees, in movie tried to shows good technology and having the backbone of a strong franchise and a charming star Cast, like Amir Khan, Abhishek Bachan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif. The movie has broken many records on the silverscreen.


But as the perfect looking structures are seen having glitches when looked close, the Blockbuster is also having some jaw-dropping mistakes which have went unnoticed. And the result is one kickass video which lists out 138 glaring mistakes in Dhoom 3 in less than 8 minutes through given video. 

BANG BANG! Official Teaser | Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif

01 August, 2014

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