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The five myths of Chetan Bhagat's 'Half Girlfriend' Novel


If the defining battle of our times is being fought for access to and ownership of the English language, thenChetan Bhagathas been its……….

Chrome OS: Google to Merge Computer Operating System With Android


The end of the humble Chrome book may just be near, or is it? Chromebooks -- perhaps the one and only high-profile nest for............

Recommended Basic software for your computer with description and download Link


There are millions of open source and premium computer software, but question is which is strongly recommended .....

Animals And Their Mysterious Powers


We’ve all heard the tales of dogs barking before the big earthquake; wildlife behaving strangely before the big hurricane;....


Listing of Top SEO Blogs

In world many “Top SEO Blogs” lists around the web, but most of them are based on the preferences of the author. Here I listing Top and Best ...................

Best Ten Android Apps for Your Smart Phone


You just bought your new smartphone. You have possibly even rooted it for flashing a custom ROM or just to increase your new...

Be Human, Stop Child Abuse


Child abuse in India is often a hidden phenomenon especially when it happens in the home or by family members. Child abuse has many forms….

About Dussehra And Navratri


The festival ofDussehra, also known asVijayadashmi, is one of the fascinating festivals of India and is celebrated.......

Six tips to help you stay safer online


Being a good digital citizen is vital to help you and your family stay safer online. Follow these six essential steps to protect your devices, ...............

Tiger are chllin in Tub (Picture)


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