By- Sadaf Najjar



If you consider these simple things you may conveniently select the right cloud hosting company to support the business.

No matter how huge infrastructure an organization possesses, there comes a time when entrepreneurs have to think about reducing their operational cost.This is not only necessary to avoid overspending, but also to conserve scarce energy resources. In contrast to that startups and entrepreneurs with limited financial assets are always seeking for efficient business solutions that enable them to reduce their overall operational cost without affecting their service/product quality.

In order to achieve such goals, most of the organizations consider outsourcing some of their functions. Irrespective of the type function, an entrepreneur selected to outsource, they need to identify their business needs first. Data storage and IT infrastructure are commonly outsourced to limit the operating cost.

Here I am sharing few simple tips that might help you to select the right hosting service.

Ask about the relevant certification

Data center certifications must not ignore while searching for a reliable partner. Make sure the candidate you are picking possess certifications like SAS70, HIPPA and PCI.

Ensure about infrastructure

As you are outsourcing an important function to a third party to reduce the infrastructure cost of your organization, don’t make a mistake to pick the contractor with weak infrastructure facilities. Take a facility tour to survey the physical security, power supply, IP network and cooling facilities to estimate their efficiency. If they don’t possess strong infrastructure, how could they bear the load of their clients.

Also check their technical expertise

Try to ask technical questions with their technicians to estimate their standard of expertise. Keep communicating via email or call to check their competency levels. If they are able to answer your questions efficiently, you may consider working with them. If they are unable to answer primary questions, then you should move on to find another suitable vendor.

Prefer choosing an experienced broker

Although, the technology is new and it’s hard to find a provider with enormous experience of offering cloud hosting services, you should prefer working with a contractor who has previously dealt with managed hosting and dedicated servers. Avoid working with those who have directly taken their start from collocation facilities. The major benefit of working with the firms possessing years of experience in IT will give you complete peace of mind. As they understand the critical issues of scalability and data security.

Always compare local firms with organizations operating at national

However, it’s captivating to work with a firm with high status of serving across the nation.You should better compare them with local providers. It is observed that local operators serving a specific geographical area offer hybrid cloud services that contain the options of collocated and dedicated servers in one package.Most of the local companies allow their clients to exhibit their data center to potential clients to create a strong impression.

Do they offer assistance in migration process?

If you opt to work with a large vendor,keep it in mind, they will not assist you in the migration process. You have to do it yourself. It has been observed that most of the start-ups don’t possess enough resources and technical expertise to migrate data on their own. Successful migration is crucial, if you are facing the same situation,you should consider hiring a service that offers complete assistance throughout the migration process.

Carefully analyze the portfolio

Don’t get allured after watching captivating packages on their website; rather ask them to display an authentic portfolio to exactly find out about what they offer. What kind of deals they actually offer, whether they specialize in both public and private cloud options? Are they compatible enough to give hybrid cloud services? Also ask about the scalability of their system to tackle the growing customer needs. After checking portfolio you can better understand their strategic road map to introduce new products like managed and application hosting.

Select a service utilizing technical equipment by renowned brands

Don’t ignore the brand of technical apparatus; a company has used to set up their system. If a dealer fails to take a name of an elite brand like HP, Cisco or EMC for the equipment and devices they have installed; then keep on searching to find a better contractor. It is better to spend more time, instead of showing unnecessary agility that will leave you with a wrong choice.

Hire an attorney to understand legal terms

In addition to analyzing technical aspects and expertise to estimate efficiency, it is necessary to oversee legislative conditions on their contract. Perhaps, you are not well aware with state laws and regulations; it is suggested to hire an attorney to thoroughly read through the contract. He can efficiently explain you the liabilities in case of expansion and termination of contracts.

Never ignore your gut feeling

No matter how efficient a vendor has been serving, don’t ignore your own gut feeling. Keep on observing their attitude and the way they speak to you throughout the enquirer process, if you feel comfortable while speaking with them, then proceed to sign otherwise keep on exploring to find a better option.


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