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Please submit genuine writing, we publish the submitted writing in Eviland Blog website after the review in manually, so spam post wont be accepted, so dont be spammers. Please fill correct form with correct detail, we publish your writing with your Name, picture and profile link, if you given in form.


1. Submit the blog form with correct detail, if you dont want to give any detail of given on form, please leave that section empty.

2. In form have to   permission upload 5 pictures with title, picture title should be mention in reference of your blog sub heading, like if you want to keep a picture side of or below of a sub heading, then title of that picture should be same as it is that sub heading.

Example Sub heading:  

a. Indian food - Picture Title should be "Indian Food"

b. American Food - Picture Title should be "American food"

c. Indian Culture - Picture Title should be "Indian Culture"

 3. If you want to post more Pictures on your blog, please upload that's left pictures through compressed Zip folder with one text documents where have to mention your images title and detail.

For proceed submit writing click below given link.

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