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Jugaad -An Indian way of Innovation (Video)


27 Honest Realities About Life You Must Accept Before Turning 27


Your early-to-mid 20s have been a time of both remendous personal growth and stagnant career improvement. ............. 

My Choice, Your Headache


Recently a short video “My Choice” launched by Deepika Padukone, which is directed by Homi Adajania, This video based on,.........

My Choice in male version – Perfect reply of female version “My Choice”


Few days before, Deepika Padukone launched a video “My Choice”, which is based on Women Empower, video had slogan, ..........

 Love Between Human and Wild


Here posting some amezing picture for you, which shows love fealings can make any relation.......

   Your Heart


In world, Heart is a symbol of love, every couples giving and taking heart from our lovers, but that’s another matter, ........

Five things you never share on social network site


You must have heard the news about Mark Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook was adjudged the “Man of the Year 2010.”..... 

Be professional Photographer, Tips of Photography


If we commonly take, Photography is very easy, just take camera, and click the button, we became photographer. ..............

It's Bengaluru, Not Bangalore


Bangalore is now officially Bengaluru and Mysore is Mysuru. 12 of Karnataka's major towns and cities reverted to their old ...... 

22 Things Only People In Long Distance Relationships Will Understand.


Long distance relationships are generally frowned upon and avoided by most. But they are not as bad as they seem. Long distance.........

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