Few days before Amnesty India share a 2.13 minutes video of actor Naseeruddin Shah on Twitter, where he talking about walls of hatred erected in name of religion. He said lots of words against of country, even in speech he supported to Urban Naxals. He talking about that country which is given him allots like fame, respect, money, love etc.



We don’t know, why he done like this, maybe for money or maybe he became Urban naxals, whatever, in both condition he tried to spread hates, which is too dangerous, even his speech send negative messages in world vide. He said Artistes, actors, scholars, poets are all being silenced. He claimed In the name of religion walls of hate are being erected. Innocent are being killed, the country is awash with horrific hatred in cruelty.


In all around, he hanged on “Intolerance” matter, previously like him some more celebrities are talked about that matter, here strange things is, these all celebrities are achieved money and fame in India.


If in India have Intolerance then how like Naseeruddin Shah peoples can achieve fame, money and respect from India in easily??

How he achieved Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awards??


How A.P.J. Abdul Kalam like a man from a poor family became a great scientist and president of India??, he never talked about Intolerance, Even he contributed to India for become powerful.


India is a Democratic country, here have Freedom of Speech, here we can say anything, but here question is…..

Can we spread hates in under of Freedom of Speech?,
Our words may not cause of demolish dignity of country?
Such celebrities deserves like this fame and respects?

We living in that country, where anybody can say “Chor” to a Prime Minister under of “Freedom of expression”, everybody knows PM post have own dignity, no action happens, then what we can expect from Naseeruddin Shah matter. Anyway here is the video of Mr. Naseeruddin Shah, you have to decide he is right or wrong. Please post your view on comments section.




BY- Pankaj Singh