My Choice, Your Headache



        Recently a short video “My Choice” launched by Deepika Padukone, which is directed by Homi Adajania, This video based on Women Empower. In this video, given strong message to all, about women empower, but in this, in my view some points are controversial, like …


 1. Choice of walking around naked?
       I think, this is not comes in women’s rights, even in men’s right, this is socially offence, even offence in under Indian law, we are civilized, living in 21st century, if we going to do such things, then what’s difference between in an animal and human?


2. Choice of sex outside marriage?
    Ok, if you think, its your body and its your choice, then first you have to change mentality to all billions of peoples in all over world, remove the marriage from society, stay live-in  relationship till mind change, after mind change, change the partner. Because, if all people wants right to sex outside marriage, then why need such socially restriction?


3. Love temporarily or forever…
    Love is a feeling, you do temporarily or forever, you can’t decide, if you can decide then its not a love, it’s a flirt or may be some compromise in your mind, and if we going to think in base of other feelings, then you don’t have a rights to play with others feeling in name of temporary love in base of word “My Choice”.



        We know that, in compare of men, women facing lots of problem, like rape, abuse, violence, but its not happens only in India, its happens all over the world, peoples facing such kind of problems in every country.


        Cause of this, government made some strong laws to protect women. Even Indian government made very strong law to protect women’s. Lot of peoples are doing hard work to improve empower of women, and I also thank full to creator of this video, who thought about women empower, but rights and powers are not mean that you can do any thing, without think about your nears and dears, without think about other peoples feelings, and without think about law and social.


        I remember, one day, my girl friend said to me,” if you touch other girls, I will break your hand”, its not mean, on that time, I said to her “Its my body, its my choice”… :)


        I am a normal boy, as human nature, in sexually, Every night I like to sleep with deferent girl , its doesn’t mean that I can do freely, before do, I should think about thousand times, because of trust of my girl and also of my nears and dears,  for my happiness I can't hurt to them.


        During propose to my girl, I did’t said to her, “I love You dear, but I can do love till 3 months” I think, such lines never said any body to our love, during the proposal time.


(Watch Video "My Choice" - Launched by Deepika Padukone) 


    In this blog, I just want to say, aware to peoples through message is an appreciating work, but, before send message, checkout that, its may aware peoples or may mislead?



    Pankaj Singh