By - Pankaj Singh

When a Good E-Commerce Site Tied up With Worst Courier Service


E-Commerce site, where we are buying product according to our wish easily in home just by a computer, after some days we getting product at door step through a courier service, how easy na!!, not need to go market also not need to visit shop to shop for shopping, just do shopping from home, that’s why, E-Commerce company getting so popularity in these days, but imagine, if a good E-Commerce company tied up or dealing with worst courier service, then what result comes?, Definitely company should lose our reputations and customers. Like this happens are running in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Amazon is a reputed company sending products through Gati courier service, but that courier reach till Gati main office Port Blair only. After that, courier may go return for refund or may still wait months to months for anybody come to receive, but one thing is sure, courier never reach our door destination our self. I thought, such things are happened only in Inter Islands, but after read of a Blog “Gati puts Snail Mail to shame” Written By - Debkumar Bhadra, I got to know, even Port Blair residence are also facing the same problem.

Here question is, if a courier company can’t deliver goods at door step, even not doing any effort to intimate about goods reach, then such company, in which basis running courier service?. Some time, me also like to buy products through E-Commerce site, regularly I am using Amazon.in because of easiness shopping, they are providing delivery at door step, but I did not know that, my this easy habit became night mare for me, in Amazon website my area pin code accepted for door delivery, but after delivery date over, when I inquired, I got, Product sent through GATI courier service, when I call to Gati office Port Blair, they said, I cannot deliver product in Rangat, in cause of this, my products returned back for refund.


Again second time my three products sent through Gati, this time, I sent to one of my friend at Gati office for receive product, but they told, product didn’t reach, even delivery date over of 6 days, then after again 2,3 days sent to my friend at Gati Office for receive products, again they replied “courier is in container, we can’t give you today”, when my friend requested to them for give package, because he have to send again Rangat, they rudely replied “I can’t do, I have another work”, then after I call to Gati courier office Port Blair, even on that time a lady employee talked rudely, like I begging to her for my products!!.

Here question is, if customer may face like this problem to receive own courier package, then why we do shopping at online site? I think, in this condition, better to shopping at near shops. In this condition, reputed E-Commerce site should check status and reputation of courier service, in which they going to deal, because the mistake of such courier company they also loosing reputation and customers. As per my experience GATI Service is waste and harassment to the customers.