By - Bozena Neil


Every picture’s have a moment, that’s moments timing just in micro second, but picture speaks thousands of words, some story before of pictures and some after of pictures, here I sharing some story of unique photos, hope you should like.


Kyle Hocken berry: The Man Who Lived Up To His Tattoo


Image: blogspot.co.at

Private First Class Kyle Hockenberry's military tattoo proved to be more true than most out there. While on a mission with his team -- 1st Infantry Division – on June 15th in Afghanistan, an explosive went off, taking both of Kyle's legs and his right arm. He had joined the military after being out of high school for just four months and was shipped overseas not much longer after that out of Fort Riley, Kansas. Against all odds, Kyle is still going strong. The doctors managed to keep his tattoo intact through all of the reconstructive surgeries.


Terri Gurrola Is Tearfully Reunited With Her Daughter


Image: funnyjunk.com

In 2007, Terri Gurrola was forced to face her worst fear – leaving her 2-year-old daughter behind to go fight in Iraq. After seven long months, Terri was reunited with her daughter, who she feared might forget who she was. To her great happiness, her daughter didn't forget who she was. All she would say was, "Mommy, I missed you!" over and over again. Everyone in the airport, men included, as Terri reported, broke out in tears seeing the mother and her daughter reunited. Terri now has a son and lives with them in North Korea where she is still a medical doctor in the military.




The Day The German's Tactics Were Foiled


Image: upsocl.com

The Battle of Kursk was a battle that occurred during the second World War between German and Soviet forces in July and August of 1943. During this battle, the Germans hoped to be able to weaken the Soviets by taking out large numbers of their men. They also hoped they could capture many of the Soviet men to use as slaves.
The Soviets, however, knew about the plans months before it was put into play, thanks to the British allies. They were able to put together barricades, minefields, firing zones, and more.

In the end, the Battle of Kursk became the first battle the Germans had their tactics foiled. The Soviets, however, knew about the plans months before it was put into play, thanks to the British allies. They were able to put together barricades, minefields, firing zones, and more. In the end, the Battle of Kursk became the first battle the Germans had their tactics foiled.


The Wife Of The Late Lt. James Cathey Sleeps With Him One Last Time


Image: sfgate.com

Lt. James Cathey of the United States Marine Corps was killed while on a tour in Iraq. He had only been there for a month when an explosive took his life. His wife, Katherine Cathey, who was pregnant when he died, laid by his side one last time before his funeral

Other marines set up a bed for Katherine around her late husband's casket so she could rest in peace. Before she laid to sleep, she played songs that reminded her of him. The marines guarded her during the entire night, per her request. She felt her husband would have preferred it that way.


Afghanistan Is Finally Working To Fix Their Polio Problem


Image: babblepath

An Afghani woman holds her child up during a vaccination campaign in Kabul. The Ministry of Public Health, alongside UNICEF and WHO (the World Health Organization) worked together to launch a vaccine campaign to ensure every child under the age of 5 in Afghanistan was vaccinated for Polio.


The campaign lasted for four days and aimed to vaccinate 9.5 million children, including those without homes. Polio is a crippling disease that many young people cannot live through. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two countries who still have an issue with Polio, but thankfully they are finally fighting against it.


The Horrors Of The Kosovo And The Story Of A Boy Who Made It Out Alive


Image: blogspot

The Kosovo War was a year-long war. During that time, concentration camps were put together. The KLA abducted women, children, and even men from villages throughout Serbia. One of the abducted children was 2-year-old Agim Shala, who was eventually rescued by his grandparents. Many of the other abducted children did not make it out of the camps alive.

The people who were stuck in the camps were interrogated, tortured, and left to die. Some people were even said to have had their organs removed there. Only the extremely strong were able to power through what went on there.


Mount Hagen Cultural Show: Sharing Traditions


Image: kn3

Sing-sing, a celebration in Papua New Guinea, is the gathering of tribes where a variety of cultures show off their dance, music, and traditions to others. It is also known as the Mount Hagen Cultural Show, which is world renowned. People gather together to share traditions in a peaceful manner, without overstepping boundaries of other tribes.


The People Of The Arctic Circle


Image: nationalgeographic

This photo by Aleksandr Romanov captures children playing together outside of the Arctic Circle, where they live in Tazov Peninsula, Russia. Due to the severe climate, not many people live in this area of the world. There are some brave enough to live here still though, despite the cold. Most of those who live in or around the Arctic Circle live in the Russian part of it.

The Arctic Circle is about 10,975 miles long and runs through the Arctic Ocean, North Asia, and parts of Northern America and Greenland. The land of the Arctic Circle is split into 8 parts belonging to Norway, Russia, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, the US, and Iceland


Green-Eyed Girl From Nepal Shocks The World


Image: liport

A girl from Nepal has beautiful green eyes, which have a whole world of a story to tell – she isn't like the others in her village. It is very uncommon for people of Chinese/Nepal decent to have green eyes, but clearly not impossible. The girl in this picture has what is known as central heterochromia, a condition where the iris shows two colors. The true iris is the outer color, while the inner color is some sort of phenomena – this happens most commonly in people who lack melanin. In most parts of the world, it is seen as beautiful.


Young Boy Becomes Friends With A Punk Rocker At A Gay Pride Parade


Image: psu

During a Gay Pride parade in Brussels, Belgium, a young boy, who was attending the parade with his fathers, spotted the punk rocker shown in the picture. The spikes on his jacket appealed to the little boy, who asked if he could touch them. Thrilled, the punk rocker said yes and bent down so the boy could better reach them. The boy's fathers called him back when they noticed he had gone and the boy gave the punk rocker a quick kiss on the cheek before he ran back to them. This picture has been spread around the world to help erase the borders we've created with sexuality.