Intellectuals Against of Hindu


Ok Sagrika ji, Sweater is made by wool too, can we stop winter too??


 You Intellectuals shout on "Bali", in name of Animal Cruelty, We thought its really bad so we honestly almost stopped.

May be in Qurbani Bakra getting enjoy, whatever that other's religion occasion and tradition so we respect that, they have to think, non of our business.




You shout on "Holi" In name of save water its our celebration and tradition.


You shout on Diwali's crackers in name of Pollution may be New year's crackers is Echo friendly, so you keep silent on New year Celibration.



Then you shout on "Jallikattu" in name of Animal Cruelty, may be on "la fiesta" (Spain Bull Fight) Bull are enjoying the game so you keep silent on Spain occasion !!



Here Question is ....


Why you Intellectuals always targeting to Hindu.?


Why You dont have any problem to others religion wrong tradition?


We fighting for Triple Talak and Halala for Muslim sisters, but you all are have no words for that, other hand Maulvi issuing Fatwa against of us, and a women lawyer got slapped on TV debate, but in such things you all are dont want to see any wrong, so you keeping silent.


Now you tell me, Perks of being a Hindu in India, if like you peoples always stand against us?



By - Pankaj Singh


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