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Cargo Vehicle’s time is more valuable than Passenger vehicle’s time at Middle Strait jetty?

Pankaj Singh April 23, 2022

On  21st April 2022, during journey from Port Blair to Rangat, I saw a strange incident. At Middle Strait jetty, where Police giving first preference to cargo vehicle to passing on boat. There passenger buses was waited near about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get chance for pass. Even there are 3 boats are continuing running, but passenger buses taken like that hour to pass the sea.

Because police giving first preference to cargo vehicles and small vehicles to pass on boat, when we asked about this, they said “Saheb ne kaha hai ki bada boat me 1 bada gaadi aur 6 chota gaadi bhejne ke liye” . Doesn’t matter how much times the passenger bus stay there, the rule is only one big vehicle can pass at once in a time.

If a cargo vehicle reached there latter, they have chance to pass before of passenger bus in rule of “One big vehicle and 6 small vehicles”.

Normally we see, Ambulance get first preference, emergency vehicle get second preference and then after passenger vehicles get third preference, always cargo vehicle get last, because cargo vehicle never have any emergency, they can reach on their destination on any time. They have only delivered to goods.

STS bus Driver Shri. Mani Muthu said, this happening here since long days, lots of time we requested to police for pass early, but they never follow, they made own rule.  In reason of this, passengers are facing lots of problems,  because some passengers are belongs to Long Island who have to catch another boat, also have remote area passengers, they want to reach home as soon as possible.

Here, we also requesting to department, make passing rule on base of “Emergency Priority” or on the base of “who come first, get chance first”.


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