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Pakistan Exposed on Afghanistan Issue

Pankaj Singh September 9, 2021

We heard that Pakistan supporting to terrorist groups, even India lots of time submitted dossier with prove, but every time Pakistan denied the allegation.  But this time Pakistan exposed on Afghanistan issue, Pakistan directly support to terrorist group Taliban, including other terrorist group.  Because Haqqani network being in Taliban government, which is FBI hit-listed with 5 million American dollar bounty.

Panjshir continue fighting with Taliban to save country, even Taliban every time attacking to Panjshir with forcefully, but every time getting fail. NRF (National Resistance Force) continue hitting to Taliban force, during the war thousands of Talibani fighters got killed.

To see weak Taliban, Pakistan directly tried to help them through army support with weapon, drone, and Tank. Near about 500 Pakistani army directly involved in Panjshir clash, even help out to Taliban Pakistan ISI chief Faiz Hameed reached Kabul.

In first attack of Pakistani Drone NRF (National Resistance Force) get damage, killed lots of NRF soldiers. But within 24 hours games are changed, an un-identified air strike changed the whole game, that’s strike was hard hit to Taliban force including Pakistani army, near about 25 Pakistani shoulders killed and near about 25 soldiers are injured, after that Pakistani commander ran away and Pakistani soldiers are return back.

Even Pakistani leader Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad admitted that Pakistan helping to Taliban.  Every countries watching this including NATO and UN, but being silence. This time Pakistan exposed in-front of International community, here big question is, after the Afghan issue how other countries going to take Pakistan?,

This time, Pakistan going to deny allegations too?, if yes then on which bases!!?, because he is totally exposed insight of world.

International community going to take any action on Pakistan or going to close eyes like before!?

If this time international community may close the eyes on Pakistan, then have to chances other countries may directly support and promote to terrorist group. This thing’s going to become too dangerous on world platform, we can say that terrorist time start from Afghanistan, and this is going to spread in whole world. Like Pakistan and chine going to behave helpmate of such groups.

I think, this time India break our silent too, India cannot avoid this issue easily, Taliban going to become more dangerous on Kashmir matter. Have chances to increase terrorist activities, I don’t think so Taliban may stop our terrorist activity after the government formation in Afghanistan, because terrorist is a terrorist, form is not matter, they should work on our agenda.


Image Source : https://indianexpress.com


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