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Five Things you never share on social network......

In world, Heart is a symbol of love, every couples giving and taking heart from our lovers, but thatís another matter, no body cant give our heart to any body in alive.. loll.., well, here question is, every body in alive.. loll.., well, here question is, every body....

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Flash Games

Jump Jump

Jump Jump

Jungle Fruits

Jungle FruitsMarine Treasures

Marine Treasures

Moneky King

Moneky King


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Jugaad - And Indian way of innovation



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Coffee  (Story)

He met her on a party. She was so outstanding, many guys chasing after her, while he so average, nobody paid attention to him. 

At the end of the party  he finally found courage to invite her to have coffee with him. 
She was surprised but out of politeness, she promised. They sat in a nice coffee shop, he was too nervous to say anything, she felt uncomfortable, waiting for coffee 
She kept on thinking  Please, let it get over soon...let me go home.... 
It arrived and suddenly, he asked the waiter. Would you please get me some salt? I d like to put it in my coffee!

Millions of Google password leaked, but there is not need to panic.


 A database containing about 4.93 million usernames and passwords of Google accounts was posted on a Russian Bitcoin security forum.

The user posting the data claimed that about 60% of the logins in the leak were active could be accessed successfully using the leaked credentials.

Google in a statement to the media has, however, denied that the company's systems were compromised.......

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She Broke His Heart And Yelled Out To Him
"You Have No Life' Go Away!"
He Stood There In Agony' And Whispered..
"But U R My Life." 

A Kiss is a luvly trick designed by nature,

2 stop speech wen words become

superfluous. ..........


First quarter may go in childhood 

First quarter may go in childhood 
For playing and learning in neighbourhood 
School may add new friends 
World may not have it end 

So first quarter may go in sleep 
To make friendship and keep 
Move in style and show the movement 
Youth is in full form and its

presence is felt .......


Three idiots


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