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14 Traits That Nail The Difference Between Friends And Best Friends

14 Traits That Nail The Difference Between Friends And Best Friends

When it comes to friendship, there are two kinds of friends - Friends are very formal, Best friends will give you Gaalis a) Friends for the sake of being friends b) Best friends .....

Animals And Their Mysterious Powers

Animals And Their Mysterious Powers

We’ve all heard the tales of dogs barking before the big earthquake wildlife behaving strangely before the big hurricane earthworms pouring out of the ground before the flood..... ..



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Nestle discloses:Rs 19 cr spent for quality testing, Rs 445 crore for adsNestle discloses:Rs 19 cr spent for quality testing, Rs 445 crore for ads

In the dock over alleged lapses of food safety standards in its famous Maggi Noodles, Nestle India has disclosed having spent Rs 445 core on 'advertising and sales.......


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There was a man who had four wives. He love the 4th wife the most and adorned her with expensive robes and treated her to the first class restaurant. He took great care of her and gave her nothing but the best... 

He also love the 3rd wife very much, hes very proud of her and always wanted to show off to his friends 
however, the man is always in great fear that she might run with other men... 

He too loved the 2nd wife, she a very considerate person always patient and always helping him to . ........ 

22 Things Only People In Long Distance Relationships Will Understand.

Long distance relationships are generally frowned upon and avoided by most. But they are not as bad as they seem. Long distance relationships help a couple evolve together retaining their individual identities. They are beautiful and all the more special because of the distance. So the next time you balk hearing of LDR, just remember these!

1. Youre a whiz at calculating and remembering time-zones.

You know all about the hour, minute and second .. .....

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Yaadon Ki Barsaat Liye
Duaaon Ki Saugaat Liye
Dil Ki Gahrayee Se
Chand Ki Roshnai Se
Pholon Ke Kagaz Par
Aap Ke Liye Sirf 3 Lafz 
I Love You....................

Suraj Ugata hai aap ke kadmo ki ahat se
Har kali khilti hai aape ke jagne se
Jayada mat soiye ab jagiye
kyoki har subhah hoti hai aap ke muskurane se.
Good Morning ..... 


Apna Use Banana Gar Mere Bas Me Hota ..

Apna Use Banana Gar Mere Bas Me Hota 
Lout Aata Lout Aana Gar Mere Bas Me Hota 

Ankhon Me Unki Jata Surat Badal Badal Kar 
Khawabon Me Aana Jana Gar Mere Bas Me Hota 

Chahere Ko Muskrahat Se Mai Sajaye Rakhta Hoon 
Aye Yaar Muskrana Gar Mere Bas Me Hota 

Duniya Se Qatam Karke Rakh Deta Ranj O Gham Ko 
Bazm-e-Tarab Sajana Gar .......


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