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Love Between Human and Wild

Here posting some amazing picture for you, which shows love feelings can make ........

ICC Cricket World Cup Schedule

The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the 11th ICC Cricket World Cup ....

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Flash Games

Flying Egg

Flying Egg

Grizzly Adventure

Grizzly AdventureHex Mines

Hex Mines

Loco Chew

Loco Chew  


....More Games

U.G.C issued list of fake university in India

University Grant commission (U.G.C) issued list of fake university in our official.......


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कितने सेब हैं ? (Story)

एक 7 साल की लड़की को मैथ्स पढ़ा रहे टीचर ने पूछा , अगर मैं तुम्हे एक सेब दूं , फिर एक और सेब दूं , और फिर एक और सेब दूं , तो तुम्हारे पास कितने सेब हो जायेंगे ?
लड़की ने कुछ देर सोचा और , और अपनी ऊँगली पर जोड़ने लगी  
चार  , लड़की का उत्तर आया
टीचर थोड़ा निराश हो गया, उसे लगा कि ये तो कोई भी बता सकता था. शायद बच्चे ने ठीक से सुना नहीं . टीचर ने मन ही मन सोचा
उसने पुनः प्रश्न दोहराया ; ध्यान से सुनो  अगर मैं तुम्हे एक सेब दूं , फिर एक और सेब दूं , और फिर एक और सेब दूं , तो तुम्हारे पास कितने सेब हो जायेंगे
लड़की टीचर का चेहरा देख कर समझ चुकी थी कि वो खुश ....... 

Be professional Photographer, Tips of Photography

 If we commonly take, Photography is very easy, just take camera, and click the button, we became photographer. But when we think as a professional or for shoot best photo, then photography is not like that easy. I remember when I was under training in a studio, I had an outdoor for shooting an official function, I had to take a picture, where chief guest inaugurating function through release a bird by our hand, I taken that picture, But I was late Millie of second to click camera button, mine thats mistake changed meaning of that picture, picture shoot like  .......

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NOW leave your bed and look, 
A glow from east rising, and steping in full of its freshness and gladness, 
To provide the world a new hope for today, 
And a special wish for you isGOOD MORNING!"

When u love someone, its nothing,
When someone loves u, it is something,
When u loves someone and
They love u back, its everything


With each impulse 

With each impulse 
I fail to repulse 
The desire is proving to be young 
As feet have started to dance among 

Even greenery appeals with nature 
It has made me to breathe for sure 
What is there in life and death? 
I keep on feeling good health 

Nature provides it free


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