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When a Good E-Commerce Site Tied up With Worst Courier ServiceWhen a Good E-Commerce Site Tied up With Worst Courier Service

E-Commerce site, where we are buying product according to our wish easily in home just by a computer, after some days we getting product at door step through a courier...........

रोटी और चावल के रोल

रोटी और चावल के रोल

खाने में चावल और रोटी बच गए हैं. अब आप इससे कोई डिश बनाना चाहते हैं तो आजमाएं रोल्स की यह टेस्टी और आसान रेसिपी ..........



9 Benefits are help you to drinking water from A Copper Vessel9 Benefits are help you to drinking water from A Copper Vessel

A copper is an essential mineral for our body and storing water overnight in a copper jug and drinking it in the morning helps in maintaining good health as per the Ayurveda .......


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Going Home - A Civil War Story  (Story)

As I look back at the year of 1864 I see I was wrong about war . . . I was young then, about 12, when I was drafted into the Civil War as a drummer boy. I was eager for war and fighting. Momma and Papa had told me about them bluebellies. Them bluebellies were mean beasts with horns and tails. They say my Papa can't own slaves and make 'em work for 'im. They say General Sherman gonna put an end to this nonsense. Momma says my Papa is a grown man and can do what he very pleases......... 

10 Places Around The World where hard to visit

10 Places Around The World where hard to visitMay be you visited lots of places In the world in easily, may be you know about almost places of the world through TV, Books, Internet etc. peoples says, in these days world became too small, but in world have lots of places hidden from your eyes, where hard to visit, which are may make you stun, here I describing about 10 places of world, where hard to visit for a common man.. .....

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Cute Answer When A Girl Asked Her Ex..

Girl - Do U Still Love Me??
Boy - Pyar Ka To Pata Nahi,
Lekin Mere Dost Aaj Bhi Mujhe Teri Kasam Dete Hain..!!

Apne Anko Ke Ansu Mere Nam Kar Do
Apne Gum Mere Nam Kar Do
7 Janam Se Teri CHAHAT Basi He DiL Me
Apne Is Janam Ka Sath TuM Muje Daan Kar do..
I Love You...


Beautiful you so shy so cute

Beautiful you so shy so cute
I wished to be part of you,
In my dreams I see many things
My mind a collage of emotions,
Its when I dream again

You and I have become friends,
This way you see part of me
That really loves to share,
Thoughts that come
From deep in my heart
That only appear when your near,

This because .............