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Difference Between CTC and Take Home Salary Explained

Difference Between CTC and Take Home Salary Explained:
An engineering graduate, was happy as he got placement through campus interview and was offered a salary package o.....

History of Children’s Day

Childrens Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries across the world. While International Childrens Day is observed on June 1st, Universal Childrens Day is marked on 20th November.... ..

Eviland Shopping Deal

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Flash Games

Disc Battle

Disc Battle

First Flight

First FlightJet fighter

Jet fighter

Jungle Rumble

Jungle Rumble


....More Games

Xiaomi banned from selling smartphones in India..

The Delhi High Court has ordered Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd to temporarily stop selling its smart phones in India in a case related to patent infringements that.........


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लकड़ी का कटोरा  (Story)

एक वृद्ध व्यक्ति अपने बहु  बेटे के यहाँ शहर रहने गया . उम्र के इस पड़ाव पर वह अत्यंत कमजोर हो चुका था , उसके हाथ कांपते थे और दिखाई भी कम देता था . वो एक छोटे से घर में रहते थे , पूरा परिवार और उसका चार वर्षीया पोता एक साथ डिनर टेबल पर खाना खाते थे . लेकिन वृद्ध होने के कारण उस व्यक्ति को खाने में बड़ी दिक्कत होती थी . कभी मटर के दाने उसकी चम्मच से निकल कर फर्श पे बिखर जाते तो कभी हाँथ से दूध छलक कर मेजपोश पर गिर जाता .

बहु -बेटे एक -दो दिन ये सब सहन करते रहे पर अब उन्हें अपने पिता की इस काम से चिढ होने लगी .  हमें इनका कुछ करना पड़ेगा , लड़के ने कहा

A 10-second Kiss Could Transfer 80 Million Bacteria

As many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during a 10-second kiss, says a new study, adding that at least nine intimate kisses per day could lead to couples sharing similar communities of oral bacteria

"Intimate kissing involving full tongue contact and saliva exchange appears to be a courtship behavior unique to humans. We wanted to find out the extent to which partners share their oral microbiota. It turns out that the more a couple kiss, the more similar they are," said lead study author Remco Kort from the Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in the Netherlands. .....

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I Miss Ur Sweet Voice,,,

I Miss Ur Cute Smile,,,

I Miss Ur Sweet Angry,,,

I Miss Ur Feelings,,,,

I Miss Ur Sweet Hugs,,,,

I Miss Ur Everything,,,,

Please Dear Come Back In My Life!!!

I Miss U Dear!!!!! 


I remember how it used to be

I remember how it used to be 
when nothing else matter but you and me 
music, country roads, and future dreams. 

I miss you, I wish you could see 
although you are here, I miss you and me. 

I remember when you said how happy I made you 
and you really meant, it's just a phrase 
you say without thinking.


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