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Best Ten Android Apps for Your Smart Phone

You just bought your new smartphone. You have possibly even rooted it for flashing a custom ROM or just to increase your new guy's battery. If you are searching for the best apps.......

Recommended Basic software for your computer with description and download Link

There are millions of open source and premium computer software, but question is which is strongly recommended... ..

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Flash Games

Flying Egg

Flying Egg

Grizzly Adventure

Grizzly AdventureHex Mines

Hex Mines

Loco Chew

Loco Chew  


....More Games

Animals And Their Mysterious Powers

We ve all heard the tales of dogs barking before the big earthquake; wildlife behaving strangely before the big hurricane; earthworms pouring out of ......


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Going Home  - A Civil War Story  (Story)

As I look back at the year of 1864 I see I was wrong about war . .  .  I was young then, about 12, when I was drafted into the Civil  War as a drummer boy. I was eager for war and fighting.

Momma and Papa had told me about them bluebellies.    Them bluebellies were mean beasts with horns and tails.  They say my Papa can't own slaves and make 'em work for 'im.  They say General Sherman gonna put an end to this nonsense. Momma says my Papa is a grown man and can do what he very pleases. I thought Momma was right. Wasn't this country based on whites' freedom? Weren't people..... 

Be Human, Stop Child Abuse

Child abuse in India is often a hidden phenomenon especially when it happens in the home or by family members. Child abuse has many forms: physical, emotional, sexual, neglect, and exploitation. Children between the ages of 5-12 are at the highest risk for abuse and exploitation. With regard to child labor 50% of children work all seven days of the week. 80% of the girl child laborers work in domestic households, while the boy child laborers worked in tea stalls or kiosks.

Numbers of cases of child abuse in the home are hard to attain because most of these crimes go unreported. Societal abuses that are a result.....

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If You Broken Heart Any One.
One Day Your Own Heart Will
Broke Some One.
Than You Know The Pain Of

Broke Heart........ 

See the pretty snowflakes
Falling from the sky
On the wall & housetops
Soft and thick they lie..

Happy Winter.......


The weight of hate is very heavy to bear 

The weight of hate is very heavy to bear 
While it seems like love is lighter than air 
Accounts of hate make a big news headline 
While actions of love you must look hard to find 

I once was asked concerning love versus hate 
Why does it seem that hate is so great? 
While hate is a very strong emotion too 
Nothing can equal love that is true 

But when you consider that love is patient, kind, 
Envieth not, not pompous, not puffed up, not rude, 
Seeketh not her own, slow to.......


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